Winning In Health!

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

You may be surprised to see a page on my website about weight loss but I do believe that a healthy mind cannot come from an unhealthy body.

I’m not saying that you need to become a vegan and never enjoy a glass of wine ever again but it does help to be conscious of your overall weight and physical health. From a personal point of view I was becoming seriously overweight in 2016 and took steps to ensure that I started to watch my weight and start to get more exercise.

The results began to show immediately in my personal and business life which is why I want to also share Johns Weight loss course with you.

John Assaraf is one of the leading mindset and behaviour experts in the world. He has built 5 multimillion dollar companies, written 2 New York Times Bestselling books, and has been featured in 8 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.

Today, he is founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals unleash their fullest potential and maximize their results.

What is involved in the course?

Learn scientifically proven methods to set and achieve your weight loss goals by retraining your mind to develop the right mindset, beliefs, and behaviours for weight loss success.

Click the link to find out more – HERE

As always please get in touch through the contact form. I love hearing about everyones weight loss journeys and successes from around the world.