Brian McGinty, happily married father of four! Loves travel, learning, teaching and sport. #ynwa

Professional Journey

From a family of Funeral Directors, I had a great education, studied law in college, moved into retail management and subsequently property sales / sales management.

After twelve years of offline, sales I started my online journey in 2010….But not by choice!

I met my future wife Emma, a Christian Missionary, who became chronically unwell with M.E. / Arthritis and was unable to work. Needing to be at home to look after her meant working online was the only option.

If we were going to have a family, and Emma was going to get better, an online business had to work!

Successes and “Failures”

I believe that there is no such thing as failure, you either succeed or learn. Over my ten years working online I had some great successes and also learned a lot! I have created and sold websites, been an independent affiliate for a gold company and been a consultant for online companies starting off.

The one thing I have learned that passive income streams are the best way to live the life you want. No selling, recruiting or any of the stress that comes with dealing with companies or their owners!

In 2022 I make all of my income from totally passive income streams such as “staking” and running “nodes” on my PC. Skills I learned from the many books I have read and courses that I have taken.

This has given me the income and free time I need to help Emma and also spend lots of good quality time with my children who are still young.

The Purpose Of This Website

I have learned a lot over the past twenty five years working for myself and been very successful. On this website I will share the very best books, courses and information that have brought me this success.

My recommendations are free because most of this information is free anyway! It’s just that people don’t know where to find it or get overwhelmed by it all.

It is my goal to share only the very best of everything that is out there.

*Some of the courses you may have to pay for but you will pay the companies directly. Anything I recommend I have paid for myself which is why I can recommend them completely.

Just remember that “Knowledge isn’t power, university libraries are full of broke Students and Professors!”

Applied knowledge is power! What I will share with you also shows you how to apply what you learn.

My Future

Right now my focus is on improving my wife’s health and spending time with my children.

It is my intention to write a book and create my own course in a few years but I still have a lot of reading and studying to do first. I want to put together as much of this knowledge as possible into a short format that everyone can use.

It is my plan that the success stories from this website can feature in my later work.

Enjoy this website and please share your successes with me through the contact form I love hearing how peoples lives change from using this information.